Yoga & Reiki Sessions

"Begin with Mindful Movement & End in Total Relaxation"

Experience a gentle vinyasa or relaxing restorative yoga practice to encourage your energy to flow freely before you settle down to a full body Reiki session for total relaxation.  Working individually with people allows me to provide undivided attention for your needs & hold a deeper space for you to do your deeper healing work.  Total relaxation is the key for the body to create the environment the body needs to rejuvenate, be nourished and feel well.

60 minutes (30 min. Yoga / 30 min. Reiki) $59

90 minutes (45 min.  Yoga  / 45 min. Reiki) $69

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Contact Tami for other time availability 508-813-3638

13 Howard Ct.  Seekonk, MA