Tami's morning Yoga & Reiki is a wonderful way to start the day. The meditations and sequences are different each time which keeps things interesting. Tami is always very welcoming and has such positive energy.

~ M.V.

Tami puts so much preparation in her class with her choice of music, reading beautiful passages and mixing up all kinds of poses and props. In all the classes I have taken with Tami I always feel like they are well thought out and I finish the class extremely relaxed and filled with beautiful, positive energy. It’s always a pleasure to walk in the beautiful space knowing Tami has prepared an amazing experience for her students.  She always lets us know in advance what props we need and what the plan is for the blissful time. All my classes have been memorable whether Tami had me meditating in a chair, in comfy positions using bolsters and legs up the wall. Tami has a soothing and caring personality and awesome energy!  

 I highly recommend trying this wonderful class!! 

~ Karen F

Tami was kind enough to administer Reiki during a Yoga Session I attended which felt very warm and healing at the time.  I have had long standing hip dysfunction due to many surgeries and pain is a typical part of my day.  Somehow the next day I experienced an entire day of no pain whatsoever.  I had more energy, was more active, didn't have as much need for the cane, and still by the end of the day felt "nothing".  Could it have been the Reiki?  I plan to find out if there is more I can do to feel "nothing" again. Thanks for reintroducing this healing practice to me, Tami!

 ~Jean D

Tami Killam was so amazing.  Thank you so very much!  The Reiki part of the yoga practice was extraordinary.  I actually fell asleep and woke up totally relaxed.  Thank you!  You are definately living your purpose! 

~Amanda Martin

Yoga classes are a spiritual experience as well, she really caters to each individual to make whatever their experience is an awesome one!

~Breanna M.



As soon as Tami placed her hands on me, I felt the calm, nurturing, nourishing touch of my mother. I felt exquisitely cared for during our session. Afterwards, Tami offered some intuitive reflections that were spot on about what I was going through. Her gentle guidance has really made a difference for me! 

Thank you, Tami!

~ Mehera D.

As a therapist I understand the importance of self care. Going to see Tami was what I needed. Tami offered clear, respectful guidance, touch and feedback. I am looking forward to our next session. 

~ Sonia 

"Tami is comforting and supportive, creating a safe and nurturing space. Reiki with Tami has shifted my energy and directed me to a place of center and serenity. I'm looking forward to my next session!"

~ Corinne L.

Being in the hospital time after time gets boring and sometimes lonely.  I always feel blessed when people come to visit, call or message.  One of my greatest friends, Tami Killam came to visit and offered me a Reiki session.  I have to say it was so cool and I felt like I had more energy and positive spirit around when she was done.  It was healing, especially through all this constant pain.  She is an incredible yoga teacher and most of all, an awesome friend.

~Kelly C.

The moment I stepped into the waiting room for my session, I felt lighter. I felt Tami's calming energy all around me.  I'll admit-I was skeptical at first.  I have had a number of Reiki sessions and I've walked away disappointed.  This was not - at all - the case with Tami.  I felt my energy begin to move and shift as soon as she placed her hands on my head.  Tami was gentle and comforting the whole time.  By the end of the session, I had found peace, strength, and positivity.  Her intuitive guidance was so encouraging and profound that I was inspired to pick up a pen and start writing for the first time in years.  I feel endless gratitude and appreciation for Tami's work and the opportunity to sit with such a gifted healer.


Just had my very first Reiki treatment with Tami and what an amazing experience it was!  She is extremely professional, knowledgeable and kind...The atmosphere was very cozy, warm and inviting.  I feel lighter...completely calm and relaxed.  Tami has a true gift and I would highly recommend her to all my friends and family!

     ~Jenna B.

Tami introduced me to Reiki and has me completely hooked.  She has taken her energy healing and really made it her own, which is very personal to you as well.  She is extremely professional and affordable which is always appreciated.  

~Breanna M.

Tami is very professional and she provides a wonderful Reiki session.  I felt very relaxed and comfortable.  I highly recommend a Reiki session with Tami.

~Barbara B.