Usui Reiki Level I Training

Small Group Training To be Announced / Option for Private Training

Are you interested in learning about Reiki and how to incorporate this beautiful energy into your life?  I encourage you to embark on your Reiki journey with this one day retreat focusing on Reiki initiation and certification level I.  Your day will begin with a gentle yoga class with chakra meditation, breathing & Reiki.  Your day will continue to unfold by learning what Reiki is, history of Reiki, and recieving the 1st 2 attunements to become a vessel to hold Reiki Energy & be a conduit to share Reiki Energy with others.  Bring your own lunch and enjoy some chatting with your new Reiki community.  After lunch learn about the Chakra system, Reiki hand positions and Reiki self treatment & treatment of others.  You will be attuned to the 2nd 2 attunements and begin practicing on one another.  Your day will conclude with a closing meditation in savasana with Reiki and receiving your certificate & selenite stick to guide you into the beginning of your Reiki Journey! 

$150 per person for small group of 2 or 3 people

$275 per person for Private Reiki Level I Training