About Me

Hello, my name is Tami Killam. I am a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation Teacher, trained Yoga For Cancer Teacher, and the Creator of Whispering Path Yoga & Reiki.  I am a mother of four children who has a passion for yoga, martial arts, healthy eating, energy work and mindful living.  After having children, I became ill and embarked on a  journey to heal myself and create balance in my life to support living with chronic illness. On my journey I worked with many great practitioners, but discovering a  yoga therapist changed my life.  The day I started working with a yoga therapist was the day I learned that yoga could change my life.  I discovered the power of yoga helped me control the pain and symptoms I was experiencing in my body, and made me feel better.  My personal yoga practice continues to be a very important part of my day to foster continued balance between my body, mind and soul. I look forward each week to practicing at home and at local yoga studios with great people and energy.  I continue to deepen my connection with the internal whispers of my soul and intuition by  becoming quiet and focusing on my breath, yoga, meditation and reiki energy practices. Through the quiet whispers of my intuitive heart and living my yoga off the mat, I was brought to the next path in my journey which is teaching yoga to others. Yoga has been a transformational experience for me, and I would like to give others the opportunity to discover what yoga can be for them in their lives. Yoga opened up new possibilities in my life for healing, living, discovering my true authentic self, grounding me in my own truth and helping me find true happiness in my life’s journey.  Yoga taught me how to be still, control my breath, reconnect my mind with my body and become in tune with energies within and around me. Yoga continues to save my life because it creates space for me to heal and manage my chronic pain daily. With yoga I can be the person I want to be and live a life I desire. I feel so thankful that I am able to share and bring yoga to others, so their unique yogic paths will open up and transform their lives. My yogic path has also brought me to a place of deep fascination with universal life force energy which began my study to become a Reiki Master. My role as a Reiki Master is to hold space for people to do their deep inner energy work and to remind them of the importance of caring for their energy & self care.  I completed my 1st 200 hour Yoga Alliance approved teacher training with Jessie Dwiggins of Wild Wisdom Yoga and my 2nd 200 hour Yoga Alliance approved teacher training with Erica Nunnally of Deep River School.  I also completed all of my Reiki training with Erica Nunnallly of Bija Institute. To continue to grow my yoga teaching skills I went on to complete my 300 hour yoga Yoga Alliance approved teacher training with Erica Nunnally of Deep River School and now am a 500 hour certified Yoga Teacher.  I studied with Sue Bonanno of Soul Space Meditation in Canton, MA to become a certified Meditation Teacher.  I have completed a Reiki Master Teacher Self Study with Erica Nunnally of Bija Institute in order to become a Reiki Master Teacher to be able to teach Reiki to others.  I trained with Tari Prinster founder of Yoga for Cancer and completed a 45 hour Yoga for Cancer training at Kripalu.  I look forward to our paths crossing so we can share the great benefits of Yoga, Reiki & Meditation together!

Namaste, Tami